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Sunset Grace

This evening just before leaving the church I watched part of a documentary which included unfiltered footage of the first days after the liberation of Bergen-Belsen concentration camp. I watched the documentary because I believe that we have-that I have-a responsibility to honor those who suffered and those whose sacrifice stopped the suffering. I watched only part because after 20 minutes tears were streaming down my face and I couldn’t stand to see any more. I felt so overwhelmed by the horrors of which humans are capable. It is unutterably terrible to be even a secondhand witness to such a thing.

And so I packed up and left my office for home…and looked up and saw this sky. This glorious, breathtaking sky. And in that split second of wonder all the weight and anguish of human misery was washed out by beauty, and I remembered: For all the deep destructiveness of humanity that plays out through the centuries, the inexpressibly beautiful creativity of our God is so incomparably great that in the face of its light even the darkest corner of the human soul is not out of reach of His transformational work.

“Our Lord, no other gods compare with you— Majestic and holy! Fearsome and glorious! Miracle worker! The people you rescued were led by your powerful love to your holy place.” Exodus 15:11, 13