Proverbs 12:25

Worry weighs us down;
a cheerful word picks us up.

Take a deep breath. Hold it…hold it…hold it………ok, now let it go. I know, today is Thursday, not Friday, and we’re all busy. We’ve all got things on our mind. Have you ever noticed that Thursday is an especially un-glamorous day of the week? I doubt most of us woke up this morning and thought, “Oh, goody! Thursday!” (If you did, please share your secret with the rest of us!) And if you’re like me, Thursday is the day when the week starts to really wear on you – the day when you find yourself facing a list of to-do’s that seems daunting, everyone seems to be piling on additional requests, and the end of the week looming ahead would be far more exciting if you didn’t have quite so much to worry about.

So in the interest of making this Thursday a little better, take a moment and remind yourself that God loves you, and you are His, and that means:

In this world of hopelessness, you know the One who offers hope to everyone.

In this world of sadness, you have a Father whose joy flows like a river.

In this world of conflict, you have access to the Source of all peace.

In this world of loneliness, you have been embraced by Love.

And in a world full of people  and situations that test your patience, you can draw from the strength of Jesus, who has quite a bit of experience as the Author and Finisher of our faith (let’s face it – if that project doesn’t require patience, nothing does!!).

Not bad, for a Thursday, right?