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Psalm 119:32 “I run in the path of your commands, for you have set my heart free.”

Can you remember when you were a small child and your mom let you go out to play after you had been stuck in the house for a long time? I can remember days when my mom would let my sister and I go out to play and we ran as fast and as we could to the pool in our backyard to swim. Once we were running around and around the pool just for fun, yelling at the top of our lungs, and we ran so fast that we accidentally knocked my poor puppy into the pool! The only time we stopped was when my mom came out to make us put on sunscreen or to make sure we weren’t wearing ourselves out too much. The energy and freedom that we feel when we are children is amazing, and it’s something we are not likely to experience at any other time in our life.

What creates the feeling of freedom we have as children? It’s our ability to play and run without worrying about anything. We can let go and just be free, because we know that our parents will make sure everything is ok. In fact, when we’re kids we don’t even realize completely what the dangers out there might be. Our minds haven’t developed the ability to see everything that threatens us.

While we might not ever again have the energy we did when we were five or six years old, as children of God we can experience the same kind of mental and emotional freedom. It sounds impossible, because of course as we get older we do begin to see the things that threaten us, and we’re hurt by them. Yet I really believe that as we learn to trust in God and follow His will for our lives, we will be less tied down by those things. We may never reach the point where we don’t worry about anything, but the more we understand how big God is the smaller our anxiety will be. Trusting God’s will for us isn’t something we can do perfectly overnight – it takes time and practice to learn to completely have faith in Him – but it’s worth the effort. In the end, we’ll be able to run after life with a heart that has been set free!