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Psalm 94:18-19 “When I said, ‘My foot is slipping,’ your love, O LORD, supported me. When anxiety was great within me, your consolation brought joy to my soul.”

If you ever start to get the feeling that the people in the Bible were just a lot of angelic beings who never really had real-life issues, just take a few minutes to go read a Psalm. The book of Psalms is a compilation of poems and songs written by real people going through the same kinds of difficulties and challenges that we all face in our lives. They experienced the same emotions that you and I do, and those emotions are obvious as we read through the book of Psalms. It’s really pretty amazing to think that human beings have so much in common with each other. Even though the authors of these poems lived thousands of years ago, when we read what they wrote we can identify with their feelings of anger, pain, sadness, joy, peace, and awe.

When Psalm 94 was written, the author was having a really hard time. Don’t believe me? Go read the chapter. Any day when the people around you are “band(ing) together against the righteous and condemn(ing) the innocent to death” counts as a very bad day!!! It’s true that you and I will most likely not ever have to deal with watching innocent friends of ours be put to death, but we will at some point face situations where people attack us because of our faith and belief, and we will feel like we are standing on shaky ground. The question is, of course, how we handle these situations when they come up.

The writer of Psalm 94 does the best possible things as he’s facing this challenge in his life – three things which we should also keep in mind to use in our own lives when we are feeling anxious and threatened:

1. He calls out to God for help – This is the first, and best, thing that any of us can do when we are worried and in trouble – go to the only One who has the ability to change any situation!

2. He remembers the faithfulness of God in past difficulties – When you face hard times and things look hopeless, look back into your past and remind yourself of other moments when God has come through for you. If you can’t think of examples like this from your own life, go to the Bible – it’s full of stories about God’s faithfulness to his followers!

3. He looks forward to what God is going to do – Once you have reminded yourself of God’s power and faithfulness, and you’ve asked Him to help you, start thanking Him for what you expect Him to do! It might sound crazy to thank someone for something that hasn’t happened yet, but it’s all part of having faith that God will do what He has promised.

Remember, God loves you, and you are not alone!